This is my 2dn time submitting my concept map and here is my teachers response:

Here’s my thoughts………

1. cultural beliefs #2 ‘boys will be boys’ This is what sociologists like to call “gender norms”. Some societal ideas about gender can promote bullying because………… fill in the rest. 🙂

2. social inequality: income inequality is a type of stratification, so that’s redundant. Concept clearly understood by your example!

3. Mental health –not a social condition, it’s a medical condition. Medical care access is a social condition. A social condition is something that exists in the structure or fabric of society which supports unequal distribution of power and resources.

4. substance abuse–this is on the right track. How does substance abuse affect bullying? It can be seen from various angles, economic, social class, gender, race, etc.

I have attached the map and the assighment guidelines.




Here is my map with my references



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