In the textbook, Studying Religion Chapter 6 on Sacred Space and Sacred Time, it discusses various aspects of sacred space. For example, it discusses three functions of sacred space (Pages 112-115.) It discusses “Glimpsing the Sacred”, including how art and architecture can seek to embody the sacred (Pages 115-116), paradoxes that function in sacred space, and the difference between what Paul Tillich terms “the sacramental principle” and “the prophetic principle” (Page115). Finally, it discusses sacred space and architecture, including three of the most common types of architecture: shrines, temples, and congregational structures (Pages 116-120.)

Read Chapter 6, the articles on the Catholic Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter & Paul, and view the websites on the Basilica, including watching the three video tours, and looking at the photo gallery. Pay particular attention to the art and architecture.

In your written assignment analyze the Cathedral of St. Peter & Paul as an example of sacred space and a religious structure. How can this building and space be understood and analyzed in terms of concepts discussed in this unit of the course (such as “shrine”, “temple”, congregational structure”; “sacramental principle” and “prophetic principle” etc.) Which, if any, of these apply to the Cathedral?

[If you have the time you can visit the building itself two blocks from the College Main Campus at 18th and the Parkway. See the website for hours they are open.]

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