Where the solution requires a process, show that process, not simply the solution.typing or screen shots preferred, ensuring that page arrangement is all the same direction orientation.

1. (3 points) Conversion. Consider the 1024 x 16 memory shown in Figure 7-2, p. 405, of our Mano text: a) Word number (835)10 of the memory holds the binary equivalent of (15,103)10. Give the 10bit address and 16-bit memory data contents of the word. b) Repeat this for word number (513)10 containing the binary equivalent of (44,252)10.

2. (3 points) Dynamic RAM Refresh. Given a particular DRAM Integrated Circuit (IC) chosen has the following characteristics: refresh interval = 64 ms; number of rows = 8192; applying the discussion in Section 7-5: a) What is the interval between refreshes for distributed refresh? b) What is the total time required out of the 64 ms for a refresh of the entire DRAM? c) What is the minimum number of address pins required for this DRAM?

3. (4 points) Static RAM Design. a) Explain how SDRAM takes advantage of the two-dimensional storage array to provide a high data access rate? b) How would you modify logically this to take advantage of three-dimensional holographic storage? What are the costs and benefits?

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