For this Assignment, you will write an essay as if you were Maritza, outlining a plan to work with one client.

In addition to running her group workshops for incarcerated women, Maritza also counsels most of the women individually. Maritza is planning to work with one client intensively, working on building parenting and self-efficacy skills in two one-on-one sessions each week for 6 months. Maritza would like to employ a single system research design to evaluate the effectiveness of this potential intervention.

  1. Identify the most feasible “Single System Research Designs” for this intervention.
  2. Explain your reasoning for choosing the design.
  3. Discuss at least two practical or ethical constraints in your evaluation.
  4. Discuss at least two threats to validity and how you could address these in your evaluation design.
  5. Perform a web search to find a measurement tool that you believe would yield the best data for this type of research.
  6. Explain why you think this tool will be helpful.

The book that is used for these questions come from the book listed below chapter 6 which is uploaded to this acct.


Title: Program Evaluation: An Introduction

Edition: 5th (2010)

Author: David Royse

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Book ISBN: 9780495601661

I need in-text citation (this is the chapter 6 downloaded)

Chapter 6 is zipped to the attached link

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