From the book Entrepreneusrhip 3rd edition. Please try to avoid rephrasing the questions, I just need a standard MLA heading, no running head or works cited pages necessary. Please use correct grammar as I will pay extra for it!

1. Discuss the various options open to Tessera in dealing with MSI’s challenge, and the strengths /weaknesses of each approach. Which path would you recommend and why?

2. Discuss the use of technology licensing as a primary revenue driver in an entrepreneurial enterprise. Are there any public companies (other than Tessera, which had an IPO in 2003) that rely on licensing as their principal revenue source? What are some key requirements and competencies for success with that strategy? What are some potential pitfalls?

3. Discuss the importance of teaching and training in the process of getting the marketplace to accept a new manufacturing method or technology. How did Tessera use training in promoting the adoption of CSP? Identify and describe at least one other technology-based company that utilized a strong teaching and training strategy and/or prototyping facilities to accelerate conversion to their new technology.

4. What factors do you believe contributed to Tessera’s success in obtaining short-term revenue by licensing its existing patents in non-core areas?

5. It took a relatively long time for the semiconductor industry to adopt Tessera’s technologies. What factors may have contributed to this delayed response?

6. Using the Internet, briefly summarize Tessera’s history from the time of the MSI challenge to the present. Enumerate any additional lessons to be learned from the Tessera story, particularly those not previously emphasized.

(Page 500).

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