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When the percentage of income paid in taxes increase as one’s income increases, the tax is said to be ________.

a. corporate income tax

b. progressive tax

c. regressive tax

d. payroll tax


Taxes that can be shifted to others are called progressive taxes.

a. True

b. False


Direct government payments to producers of certain goods or services are called _________.

a. price supports

b. income securities

c. homeland securities

d. subsidies


_________________ is based upon the benefit principle.

a, Gift tax

b. User fees

c. Gross receipts tax

d. Custom duty


All are the three main types of taxes EXCEPT:

a. regressive tax

b. proportional tax

c.user tax

d. progressive tax


Which is the branch of the US Treasury Department that collects taxes?

a. IRS


c. Sales Tax Association

d. Payroll Tax Department


____________ accounts for the government largest expenditure.

a. education

b. Social security

c. Corporations

d. Individual income tax


The charge for use of a state park is a ________.

a. user fee

b. property tax

c. excise tax

d. estate tax


Social Security is the nations basic method of providing a continuing income when family earnings are reduced or stop because of retirement, disability, or death.

a. True

b. False


The _________ rate is usually applied uniformly throughout a community regardless of a taxpayer’s ability to pay.

a.sales tax

b. state tax

c. personal property

d. real property


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