Social Responsibility Issues and Public Administration

For this assignment, describe the social responsibility issues related to __________________ (Dear Tutor: we are supposed to choose something from our studies, I am a bit confused about what I should choose so I will give you a few choices to pick from. Please use your expertise in choosing the correct choice relevant to the instructions below, and the Grading Criteria listed below. My choices are as follows… “Greenwashing”, “Environmental Protection” and “Sustainable Business Practices”)________________ that you believe has implications for the ethical leadership of public administration in this country and globally. You may make this specific to the area of public administration that you are interested in.

Submit a 5–7-page paper in which you:

1. Describe the social responsibility issue (see my choices in bold above, I am counting on your tutor expertise to choose the relevant one) from Chapter 12 of Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases.

2. Analyze its implications, opportunities, or challenges for the ethical leadership of public administration in the United States and globally.

3. Evaluate ways to address these implications, opportunities, or challenges.

4. Support your analysis with references to your course readings and to the professional literature. Provide examples where appropriate.

Grading Criteria and Percentage

Describe a social responsibility issue that has implications for the ethical leadership of public administration. (25% of grade)

Analyze the implications, opportunities, or challenges for ethical leadership. (25% of grade)

Evaluate ways to address the implications, opportunities, or challenges. (25% of grade)

Use effective academic and professional communication skills to explain the relationship between ethics and leadership. (25% of grade)

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