Write a reflective journal that will answer the following questions.This journal is a reflection of your personal journey as a future nursing student. Please respond with thoughtful answers in complete sentences, using correct grammar and spelling. Attached is the Rubrics to guide you.


  1. How do you rely on family traditions and personal experience when you become ill and/or when you care for an ill family member?
  2. What do you think could be challenges to applying evidence-based practice in nursing care?
  3. How do you apply critical thinking in your life? What areas will you need to strengthen to apply critical thinking?
  4. What are your current skills and abilities with technology?What skills do you need to strengthen as you prepare to work as a nurse?
  5. Looking back on this week, what did you learn about that you didn’t know before? How will you apply this to your life- currently, or in your future nursing practice?


  1. Each answer has a minimum of six (6) sentences, written clearly and concisely with correct grammar and spelling.
  2. Reflections must show insights and depth of thoughts.
  3. Reflective comments must be connected to experiences, goals, and/or friends.
  4. Follow APA style.

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