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Get a Free Originality Report

In the EthicsGame, as decision maker, you were asked to look atthe facts from various ethical perspectives, one from each ethical lens.Review the results of your personal Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI) taken in Week5. This essay can be 3 paragraphs, each one answering one of the threequestions in the prompt. Total length of Writing Assignment A isone page.

1. Describe what perspective appealed to you the most andwhy. (Describe the lens, it’s characteristics and why you prefer it. Makesure to say enough so the grader knows what you are talking about.)

2. Discuss whether your perspectivechanged at all during or after completing the EthicsGame exercises.If your perspective changed, how and why? If your perspective did notchange, why do you think it did not? (Make things up according to your beliefbut stay with the Relationship Lens.)

3. Consider what is the value of changing perspective toconsider the issue under a different lens, if any? (This is talking about your perspective from another lens. Since you have not played the game I would say to stick with relationship lens and elaborate more on why you chose to stick with that lens and not the others. Again make things up to fulfill the paper.)

I have attached more documents to help you with writing the assignment.

You do not have to talk about the steps to the Baird Decision model. I attached the “Introduction to the Four Ethical Lenses(1).pdf” just for more information to write on for the relationship Lens.

Construct the paper in a well concise manner adhering to normal MLA paper formatting rules.

Once again the ethical lens that needs to be followed for this assignment is the relationship lens.

Write this paper from your stand point to make it easy for you. Thank you.

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