1. Red Clay Renovations holds a lot of personally identifiable information, with this being said it is important for this company to practice due diligence when communicating with internal and external sources such as potential clients or other business owners that are interested in buying into Red Clay Renovations. Communication is the key to success but also is the a key to the adversary to gain entry into information that is valuable to any type of business environment.

Some advantages with email distribution is the amount of communication that can be had. Although communication is one of the most famous virus attacks against a company it can also be stopped fairly easily. When communicating over email it is important for employees to be able to understand and pick out potential threats. This will allow for a security blanket through email communication. I don’t believe email should be taken away but rather monitored for any abnormal traffic.

Another suggest for marketing and communication regarding Red Clay Renovations services that can be a positive move would be face-to-face briefings with office staff and managers. I think if the staff is on the same page as managers then promoting business will be more successful. Coming up with ideas and talk sessions is an awesome way for everyone to voice their opinions and suggestions. This type of communication can lead to a great financial growth within the company as well as employees knowing what is acceptable communication and what is not.

Both of these suggestions can definitely promote business within the company. Email has a wider range of exposure and can be utilized quiet a bit. Face to face briefing is always a good idea as well because communication between employees and mangers can create outlines and ideas that where never thought of. I don’t personally thing that to many web links should be used in reference to any internal site. This has to many risks involved including threats and breaches of information that Red Clay holds.


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2.Red Clay Renovations has recently decided to restrict the freedoms of managing and creating social media accounts for marketing. With this decision comes comments, questions, and concerns. Out of respect for the employees, it is important that we let them understand where Red Clay Renovations stands and why they stand for this change. Employers who are not abreast of current developments in the struggle to balance these competing interests are likely to find themselves defending a barrage of disgruntled employees(Dillon, 2008). This is why I recommend 2 strategies for the dissemination of this information.


The first strategy includes gathering all field office managers and conducting a business meeting. There is no need for the CISO to gather every employee and explain to them their decision when they have managers that work for them. This way the CISO does merely 1 briefing, answers any questions and the information will be disseminated at the local level rather than a high level. Employees will be more coherent to their managers and feel more comfortable to ask questions.

The second strategy includes simple email distribution. A well typed and well phrased email will go a long way. The only issue with an email is that it has to be so well-developed that it almost answers any possible question. Difficult but not impossible, this is the most efficient way to disseminate the information without physically meeting each individual.


Personal recommendation leads to the email dissemination because it is quick, broad, and efficient. While this is a moderately broad decision, it is not a decision that should require people to stop working altogether. Time is money, especially at Red Clay Renovations, we cannot afford everyone to stop what they are doing to attend briefings throughout the day. A professional email on this change will suffice the requirement with efficiency.


Regardless of the preferred or chosen method, the ultimate part of the decision making process is to ensure the information is disseminated correctly. The end users should be able to ask questions and get an appropriate response. It is all about making the employees understand a point of view and the decision. While some may argue that it does not matter what the employees think about the policy, I believe it does matter and a healthy work environment will come from that.


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