Activity Context

This assignment helps you develop the skills to master the following program outcome:

Revisit the MBA6900 Course Alignment Map to review how all activities assist you in achieving your overall program outcomes.

Activity Instruction

This assignment is designed to keep your instructor informed of your capstone progress and provide you an opportunity to receive feedback on your project. For this assignment, complete the following:

Based on the project summary you submitted in Unit 1, and on the progress you have made in the last week, prepare a brief report of the status of your project. Include the following items:

Project Deliverables – Optional

You may also submit any parts of your project you would like feedback on, such as data analysis or your evidence-based solutions. Your instructor will provide feedback to you based on the Capstone Project and Presentation Scoring Guide to help you develop your final project submission in Unit 6.

If you choose to submit part of your project for review, you must ask the instructor a question about the submission or direct them to a specific area for review; the instructor will not simply review entire drafts, but will focus on areas where you have concerns. You must also still submit the required progress report.

Assignment Submission

Submit your progress report and any other documents in MS Word. Review the Unit 5 Progress Report Scoring Guide prior to submission to ensure you meet all evaluation criteria.

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