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Asteroids Lab

I attached the actual lab as well with the tables.

1. Asteroid number ___2___

3. Find the rotation period of the asteroid by multiplying the time between successive minima by two. Remember, the entire light curve consists of two maxima and two minima.Period (in days)______.

5. Either import a picture of your sketch into the answer box or submit the sketch of figure 1 by iCollege email (scanned or photographed image).

6.If your asteroid’s axis of rotation were perpendicular to its orbital plane and if you were standing on its equator, approximately how long would it be between sunrise and sunset?

7. Assuming the variation is due only to the changing aspect of the asteroid’s shape, how many times brighter is the asteroid when viewing the long side as opposed to when viewing the short side? To measure the asteroid’s brightness use the horizontal line in the light curve. Just drag and drop it on any of the maxima or minima you wish to measure and read the “Intensity” displayed at the right of the graph.

Measure the intensity of the highest maximum and the lowest minimum and use those to find your answer.

8. If the reflected brightness is directly proportional to the area seen, how many times larger is the long axis to the short?

9. Minimum 1 ______Minimum 2 ______ Ratio of albedoes ________

10. Maximum 1 ______Maximum 2 ______ Ratio of albedoes ________

11. Measure the relative distances between the Earth, the asteroid and the Sun. Calculate how many times fainter or brighter the asteroid is at A than at B.______ times fainter or brighter. Indicate in your answer if the asteroid is fainter or brighter.

12. Calculate the value of R for each of the three asteroids listed in table 1.

13. Thus Eros’ observed diameter was about _____.

14. Compare this value to the average radius determined from the albedo measurements and comment.

15. From measurements we know that Eros 1.5 times longer than it is wide. Account for the differences between these two values

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