Choose one (just one) of the topics presented below and write a brief essay that summarizes the article or video. Include your own thoughts about the topic, and back up your opinions with examples from the link.

Crime Lab Scandals Just Keep Getting Worse…

23andMe genetic test reveals disturbing artificial insemination switch…

The Silent Horror That’s Afflicting Thai Monks…

The Problems With DNA Evidence and Testing – The Atlantic…

The rise of performance-enhancing genes- A single ‘super’ gene can make a dramatic difference to an athlete’s performance. But is that fair?…

White Men Can’t Jump? Race, genes and sports…

Exploring bias in forensic DNA profiling – Dan Krane – TEDxDayton

(2 point) Article summary is complete and relevant
(2 point) Personal opinion is provided
(2 points) Opinion is supported with examples and details

(1 point) 300-500 words

(1 point) Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation

(2 points) Reference provided and properly formatted

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