Assumptions : Broadway café is located in Halifax, NS. CanadaThe local community has always been a big part of the café and your grandfather knewalmost everyone in the area (at least the coffee drinkers). He made sure to attend all theevents held at the café over the years so that he could meet with customers and getfeedback on what they might like to see at the café.Data is a critical asset for all businesses. In fact it continues to be an important asset formeeting and exceeding customer expectations. For the last number of years you havebeen tracking detailed customer information for all customer events from sales, coupons,fundraising events, book clubs, to concerts etc. Your database now includes the namesand contact information of over 5000 local customers to the café.Last Friday, an interesting individual, dressed in a business suit asks to speak to you inprivate. He introduces himself as Mr. Don Slime. He is about to open a large music andbook store a block away and is planning a grand opening. He offers you $ 6000 in cashfor an electronic listing of your customers so that he can email them directly. These fundswould certainly help pay for the renovations to the café’s washrooms. He was looking tomake the mailing this week. 1 page


1. What should you do? Explain your answer.

2. What other issues should you be concerned about?

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