English 102

A. Research project

B. The research paper should not be less than 10 pages long and not more than 10 pages including the works cited page.

C. The topic for your research must focus on the class text by Zora Neale Hurston Their Eyes Were Watching God. It must be any one of the following:


  1. You should either discuss one particular theme as it unfolds in the entire novel,


  1. Examine how Zora Neale Hurston employs one particular style throughout the novel, for example imagery, use of language, oral tradition, etc.

D. The works Cited page should have at least 10 academic sources or entries (these sources are basically the books, journals, magazines or any articles you will use in writing your research paper).

E. Other considerations:

-Your essay must conform to the MLA format.

-There should be an interesting introduction with a clear thesis statement.

-Develop body paragraphs with clear topic sentences.

-In each paragraph you should have clear illustrations i.e. give examples from text and support your ideas using other academic sources.

-Appropriately paraphrase or use direct quotations. See MLA examples in your class text Writing Research Methods on the essay by Melinda Mosier entitled: “Listening to Hamlet: The Soliloquies”

-Ensure you have a concluding paragraph.

-Proof read your work thoroughly to correct grammatical errors

-Remember to connect ideas by using transitional words.

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