Choose one work of Pacific art from the museum, books, exhibition catalogues, and or internet.It has to be a work produced by tribal people living around or in the Pacific Ocean area, such asthe Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori, Haida, Tlingit, Ainu, Inuit, (any Native American), or tribalIndonesian or tribal Filipino, etc. You can NOT chose the work of European (such as French,English or German), Euro-American, Asian (such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) art.

If you are not certain about your chosen topic, please consult with me. You can send the imagethrough the email attachment.

Conduct research and find out what it is. Why did you choose this image? What made youinterested in this work? Who produced it? For whom and for what purpose? Is there any politicalor social message beyond visual representation? Any reference to the particular mythology orritual ceremony? Or tribute to any particular person or event?

Please make sure to consider the issues that we covered throughout the course. Choose one issuefrom the list below and incorporate in your thesis sentence.

>Identity construction>Strategic Essentialism>Interpretations>Repatriation movement>Curio trade and dealer’s lore

Please refer to How to write about ART below.

This assignment requires: 3 pages text (Times New Roman, 12 font, double-spaced), images ofyour chosen subject and related materials, bibliography on a separated page. Use “Footnote”under “References” of Microsoft Word.

At least 3 bibliographies to be consulted. It can be a monograph, anthology, academic journal,newspaper, exhibition catalogue, etc. Internet source can be used as long as the article with itsauthor’s name appears. Do NOT use Wikipedia as your source since it often conveys erroneousinformation. Do NOT use the survey textbook either for the same reason.

How to write about ART:


Description of the work (Title of work, Name of artist, if known, Production of origin,Date, Media)

Thesis/Issue (Why did you choose to write about this particular work? Why do you thinkthis work is a work of “art”?) Example: “I propose that this work is produced and utilizeby the (group of tribal people) to strategically essentialize themselves to survive theircultural identity since its style, iconography, and underline message convey such andsuch.”

Supporting point 1

A brief background of the work (who is the artist [Do not write too much biography ofartist], what type of social background the artist belonged to, under what kind ofcircumstance the work was produced, what is the purpose of production, etc.) Be sure tocite your sources using the Microsoft Words, References tag and Insert Footnote.1

Supporting point 2

Its source literatures, mythology, legends, pose, facial expression, scale, etc.2 Is there anyfunctions? Was this work used for the ritual performance? What type of ceremony thiswork was involved? Use at least three references. Be sure to use the footnote to cite yourreferences. If you use the internet source, be sure to indicate the date that you retrievedthe information. Use the internet source with the name of author is posted.

Supporting point 3

History of provenances. How this work was obtained by the museum? Who is the patronor clients of this work? Who owned this work before getting into the museum?3


It should be related to your thesis sentence, but include what you have gone through inyour supporting points, rather than simply repeating the thesis.


For this presentation assignment, you are expected to demonstrate your final paper. You can use PowerPoint or any software equivalent to it. Prepare 3~5 slides to visually explain your research. You can add captions and some text to elaborate those images. Make sure to use the main image of your research topic that you chose from Art of Oceania found in museum catalogs, textbooks, internet database, etc. Then find some more images that are related to the main image, and compare them with the main image (similarities and differences) to support your thesis of paper. Those related images also can be found from anywhere (textbook, exhibition catalogue, online database, etc.) Post pdf version of your PPT presentation on Discussion Board.

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