PART ONE (30 points):

Assemble a portfolio of SIX articles from the newspaper (provide title of article, date, and copyof article) that you can argue are OUTSTANDING examples of timely issues/problems/events shaping that particular region AND which fit clearly into one or more of the course’s 5 regional themes (1)Environmental Geography, 2)Population and Settlement, 3) Cultural Diversity, 4) Geopolitical Setting, and 5) Social/Economic Setting). Articles must be dated since 10/1/16. Choose articles that focus on stories within your region. (Don’t choose a Russian article that reports on a typhoon in China).

FOR EACH OF THE SIX ARTICLES, also note which of the five themes (1 or more) best fit the topic (Environment, Population, Culture, etc) and write a one-paragraph summary of the article that makes such a connection clear. You may choose all your articles dealing with one theme (for example, environmental issues or geopolitics) OR you can vary it to include examples of any and all themes. USE ONLY ONE NEWSPAPER SOURCE. You will have a total of six summary paragraphs and six articles to turn in.

PART TWO (30 points):

Answer the following more general discussion question (about two pages (typed) total):

How do recent issues and events in your region covered by the newspaper illustrate the general processes of a) “DIVERSITY” and/or b) “GLOBALIZATION” within your selected region?

You can emphasize “diversity” or “globalization” in your discussion or you can explore how both are evident. You may want to revisit initial discussions of these ideas in the text (Chapter 1). For this discussion, you may certainly rely on MORE than just the six articles used above in Part One.…you may also use examples/events discussed elsewhere in these newspapers.


1. Granma International (Cuba)

2. Moscow Times (Russia)

3. Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review (Turkey)

4. Jerusalem Post (Israel)

5. Times of India (India)

6. People’s Daily (China)

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