1) Give examples of the activities that each of the following managers might be involved in if he or she worked for the Coca-Cola Company:

2) What techniques or skills should an employee have to assume a leadership role within a work group?

3) Going Green, Best Buy Emphasizes Teamwork and Communication to Promote Sustainability

Surveys indicated that customers wanted Best Buy to provide sustainable solutions to the electronic waste (e-waste) problem. As a result, Best Buy created a Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Scorecard that provides employees with metrics enabling them to measure their progress toward the company’s sustainability initiatives. Best Buy collects consumers’ used electronics, and its partners work to give these products a “second life” by repairing them or using their parts for other products.

Now answer below questions.

  • Why did Best Buy feel the need to embrace sustainability?
  • Why is communication so important in achieving Best Buy’s sustainability goals?

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