Review Technology Plug-In 4 Decision Making Using Excel 2010. Complete exercise 1. Spotlight Video Rentals.

Spotlight Video is a premier video rental company in Denver, Colorado, offering the latest selections on DVD, game, and VHS releases. After DVDs and VHS tapes have been viewed a certain number of times, their quality deteriorates to the point that Spotlight Video considers them to be defective. Furthermore, some customers own DVD and VHS players that are defective and can ruin Spotlight Video’s merchandise. Spotlight Video wants to maintain an inventory of DVDs and VHS tapes that are at least 85 percent acceptable, although 95 percent is preferable. However, since it can’t keep customers’ machines from damaging the rentals, Spotlight Video has had to relax its criterion a little. You have been hired to create a spreadsheet that will evaluate each DVD and VHS based on the following criteria:

Spotlight Video has provided you with the data in a file called T4_SpotlightVideo_Data.xls. You will want to create an IF function to write a conditional expression that examines the criteria mentioned above. Figure T4.20 displays a sample of the output that Spotlight Video needs.

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