I want argue and analysis essay about this topic and about the sources use just what i attached do not use other thing.

The introduction should provide an overview of and background about your topic and should have a thesis that clearly presents your stance (without using first person). There should be an essay map that presents the points that you will make in support of your topic in the order in which you discuss them.

Each body paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence that you support by discussing examples from the relevant articles—you must refer to at least three articles. Remember to introduce and cite your sources in accordance with MLA guidelines. If you quote, you should integrate quotations into your own sentences to provide them with context. Don’t forget to discuss the relevance of the examples and how they support your points. You are welcome to refer to relevant personal experience to support your points, but you should only use first person when referring to personal experience. Do not say, “I think,” for instance. Save your strongest point for last.

The conclusion should tie up the paper and give readers a sense of closure. Review your main points and make sure that the central argument and its significance is clear—address the “so what?” question.

You will need to have an MLA formatted works cited page; the citations for each of the articles can be found in the book. Remember to use parenthetical citations anytime that you summarize, paraphrase, or quote a source, and remember to use quotation marks if you use three or more of an author’s exact words. Failure to adequately attribute source information can result in a zero for the paper.

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