Please give your analysis and feedback in 2 paragraphs on the answers to the questions below.

1, According to, stove-piped data is data that comes from applications that do not share data or resources with other applications. Stove piped systems do not interact with other systems and this can be problematic. For example if one system is used for keeping track of inventory and another is used for scheduling appointments, and these systems are not interacting with one another, Kelly may be scheduling appointments for services that lack the supplies needed to complete the service. It can also be problematic if the employee scheduling and customer scheduling systems are not interacting with one another, as is may allow customers to schedule an appointment with a hairdresser who is actually unavailable that day.

2. If Kelly implemented an enterprise-wide system, information would be integrated across operations. This would allow Kelly to make more informed decisions based on that information and system would offer the ability to automate certain processes (ordering new supplies when below a certain amount).

3. Kelly would be able to improve the workflow (determining and eliminating any inefficiencies). have the ability to look at reports (expenses, inventories, orders) and make decisions based on those reports, and provide better security for employees and customers as security policies can be applied to enterprise-wide systems (Rajesh, 2011).

4. It would make the most sense to start with a CRM. This will allow Kelly to better understand her customers’ needs and create products/provide services that satisfy those needs. Having an excellent understanding of her customers would also allow her to effectively target customers with new products that will appeal to them. Kelly will also be able to use the CRM to identify characteristics and demographics of her customers and use that information to target new customers. For example after analyzing data from the CRM, instead of broadly targeting women aged 18-45 she is now targeting women aged 18-45, who spend $200 or more per month on hair related care, and have an annual income of $75,000 or greater.


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