1, use this question below to answer the ” The Lottery and Two kinds” approximately 8-12 sentences.

What happens in the story? For yourself, summarize the plot (the gist of the
happenings). Think about what your summary leaves out.

2THE reading assignment for math 0312 has instructions in it pleaseread the article ” cambrigde police uses math to solve crime and answerthe questions

Instructions 3

3.This is the instruction for Brent Staples ” just walk on by a black man” and Nora Ephron “The Boston Paragraph” Afteryou have read the assigned readings, Brent Staples’s “Just Walk on By: ABlack Man Ponders His Ability to Alter Public Space” and Nora Ephron’s“The Boston Photographs,” you have read the Writing to Argue Background reading at mywritinglab, and reviewed the background argumentativeinformation at the web link “logos, ethos, pathos,” you need to respondon the discussion board to these argumentative works. The link is postedon the Canvas homepage. These readings are “argumentative” examples, sothe discussion will revolve around each author’s use of argumentativestrategies.

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