Seth Smith wants to create a new position in his organization and hire a Vice-President of Operations as soon as the Board of Directors approves recommendations made by the HR Department. This position would be a critical and strategic high-level executive employee. Smith does not believe there is anyone in the company that can fit the bill for this key employee who will oversee the company’s expansion.

Smith wants to move to using technologically-competent machines in floriculture. This technology may lead to a reduction in labor or a hiring freeze, particularly for floriculture workers. The purpose is to put more crops in the fields while lowering costs and inputs. Smith needs a Vice-President to oversee the selection, acquistion and implementation of new technologies, and correct existing operational inefficiencies in the company. Smith wants a highly educated business person with experience in the industry who can handle all aspects of the business: planning, purchasing, sales and fulfillment, and inventory.

Resource: O*Net section in Ch. 4 of Fundamentals of Human Resources

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes the following:

Analyze organizational limitations and how those will be addressed.

Include justification for each recommendation for forecasting needs, considering corporate culture, diversity, Affirmative Action issues, and any strategic steps that should be considered.

Format the Talent Acquisition, Management, and Retention Strategies report consistent with APA guidelines, except for any template or form used for the job description.

Use headings to appropriately signal the topics and keep the document organized.

Use a minimum of three appropriate professional and/or academic sources within the plan. Identify them in a References page formatted in APA style.

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