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Please write a 6 page essay,12 times roman, double spaced, MLA style, and rich text on the following Issue Taking sides essay:

Issue: Were Socioeconomic Tensions Responsible for the Witchcraft Hysteria in Salem?

YES: Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum, from Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft (Harvard University Press, 1974)

NO: Laurie Winn Carlson, from A Fever in Salem: A New Interpretation of the New England Witch Trials (Ivan R. Dee, 1999)

Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum argue that the Salem witchcraft hysteria of 1692 was prompted by economic and social tensions that occurred against the backdrop of an emergent commercial capitalism, conflicts between ministers and their congregations, and the loss of family lands, which divided the residents in Salem Town and Salem Village. Laurie Winn Carlson believes that the witchcraft hysteria in Salem was the product of people’s responses to physical and neurological behaviors resulting from an unrecognized epidemic of encephalitis.

Your essay should be composed of three main parts:

1. The introduction or opening paragraph of your essay should clearly convey to the reader that the debate takes place in Taking Sides, the topic of the debate, and the importance of the issue in regard to the historical time period in which the debate is centered. In addition, your introduction should summarize the varying viewpoints of the historians debating this topic. It is also important that you declare your thesis or your point of view concerning the issue being discussed in the introduction. You must pick a side, or present a new perspective/thesis to answer the question presented in the debate.

2. The body of your paper should consist of at least four sections. Begin with two paragraphs that explain each author’s position and evidence (at least one paragraph explaining each author’s position). Follow with at least one paragraph that explains your analysis of the authors’ evidence and ability to persuade the reader. Next presentyour thesis/point of view. Your point of view should be accompanied by an explanation of how you came to your conclusion. Be sure to offer a thorough explanation of your position, how you came to your conclusions and the evidence to support your position. Your evidence may include key points made by the authors in the Taking Sides essays or other outside sources. Outside sources are optional unless you have a thesis that requires additional outside support.

3. In the final paragraph, or the conclusion, you must restate the issue being debated, the impact or importance of this issue in regard to the historical time period, the varying Taking Sides perspectives concerning this topic, as well as your position. The conclusion should be used to remind the reader of all that has been written in the essay, and then it should end with a final statement of significance or thought concerning the issue you have chosen to discuss.

AnalyticalTaking SidesEssay Formatting and Submission

Essay set-up: Each paper should be 6 pages in length, typed and double-spaced, with one inch margins. Your name and the issue number should appear single-spaced in the upper right hand corner, and the title of your paper should be centered in the middle of the page two spaces below your name and the issue number. Double space and begin body of your paper.

Essay Citations: All direct quotes must be followed by a proper MLA, and accompanied by a works cited. This page does not count toward the minimum page requirement for this assignment.

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