Below is a copied paragraph from the book, read it and Paraphrase the paragraph using APA style:

Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton, In those days -African American Life Near The Savannah River, 1994, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, pg. 37

“Struggling to move away from renting farmland to owning their own property was a dominant theme in the lives of many of the people interviewed and in the lives of those they knew. Through buying land, African Americans took another important step towards independence, and how some achieved the status of property owner was a lingering source of pride.

Acquiring land was all the more difficult because most African Americans in the late 1800s had little money . And there were other obstacles they had to overcome, roadblocks demonstrated through the story the Reverend Janie Hampton told about her father, a man of considerable ability who worked as a tenant farmer at Millwood Plantation in the late 1800s.”

2. Quote an article from a SCHOLARLY journal. Including the name of the journal , author, date of publication.

a. Copy a paragraph of at least 100 words from the article using APA style.

b. Paraphrase using APA Style

and send me the pdf of the article.

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