The purpose of this assignment is to identify an organization that is appropriate to carry out the Public Health Action Plan that you are in the process of developing. To accomplish this purpose, begin by visiting the Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives discussion to examine the alignment of the stated mission, goals, and objectives of several public health organizations.

Research and Analysis

For this assignment, choose two public health organizations in the United States that you think might be the best choices to carry out your plan. Focus your efforts on the organizations—their structures, operations, and resources. Analyze the information available on their Web sites, government Web sites, and other sources you have investigated in the course to try to get a sense of their levels of success. Consider the specific public health issue identified in your Problem Statement from the Unit 3 assignment, and try to get a sense of how each organization might be prepared to address it. Finally, come to a conclusion as to which organization is logically the best choice for taking the lead on the issue that your action plan addresses.


Once you have done your research and analysis, write a 4 page paper that compares the two organizations and explains your choice. Structure your paper according to this outline:

Organizational Investigation Scoring Guide: Distinguish Level

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