Follow the steps in Activity10.1 attached below.Get screenshots and explain the different parts of your app.


Answer and explain the following questions:

1. In what version of Android was the concept of a Fragment introduced?

a. Android 2.3

b. Android 3.0

c. Android 3.4

d. Android 4.0

2. In your workplace, you are required to support devices running Android 1.6. How would you use fragments?

a. You can’t.

b. Add this import to your application manifest file: #backwardCompatibilty.

c. Import Fragment from the package.

d. Use the java.x class to ensure compatibility.

3. Which of the following is not a benefit of using Fragment components?

a. Fragment components improve battery life.

b. Fragment components greatly improve code reuse.

c. Fragment components simplify testing needs.

d. Fragment components make publication and application package management much less cumbersome.

4. Within what must a Fragment be hosted?

a. A View class

b. The <uses-sdk> tag

c. An Activity class

d. The <uses-configuration> tag

5. An update or modification to a Fragment is performed using what?

a. A FragmentView

b. A FragmentEdit

c. A FragmentActivity

d. A FragmentTransaction

6. Which callback method is called when the Fragment’s user interface becomes visible but is

not yet active?

a. onStart()

b. onCreateView()

c. onResume()

d. onPause()

7. When is the onDestroy() callback method called?

a. When a Fragment is first attached to a specific Activity class

b. Just before the Fragment is detached from the Activity class

c. When the parent Activity is stopped

d. To clean up any other resources associated with the Fragment

8. If a device is in portrait mode, the VeggieGardenViewActivity is launched via what?

a. A Fragment class

b. An Intent

c. An integer resource

d. Resource files

9. What type of Fragment components will be updated via add or replace?

a. Changeable Fragment components

b. Standard Fragment components

c. Dynamic Fragment components

d. Simple Fragment components

10. The Android team provided a compatibility library so that developers can update their legacy applications to use fragments as far back as what version of Android?

a. Android 3.0

b. Android 2.3.7

c. Android 1.6

d. Android 1.5

Refer below attached file for Activity10.1

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