I am in classroom discussion. Pls comments Both cases ( Each case 7/8 sentences)

Case # 1

Upon reading both stories “Going Nuclear” and “Ten Reasons Why Nuclear Was A Mistake-Even Before Fukushima”, while I found them both very informative, “Going Nuclear” held my attention better and seemed to stay more on point. Rowell was able to make a statement without forcing the issue with negativity.


Why cannabis should be legalized in the United States

I. The health benifits of the medicinal use of cannabis has outstanding affects on the treatment of many illnesses.

A. For use in the treatment of cancer, it is shown that cannaboids decrease the growth of the cancerous cell or tumor.

B. For military personnel that were overseas in the war who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, the use of cannabis has shown a decrease in symptoms, which has prevented alot of suicide related deaths among someone suffering from severe anxiety or PTSD.

C. Cannabis oil in monitored doses can decrease seizures in children and adults. It reduces stress and releives anxiety, so not only can it be used for medicinal purposes, but for general relaxation as well.

II. Legalizing marajuana would have a severe impact on the decrease of crime

A. By legalizing marajuana, less money is used to support organized crime. Legalizing dispensaries would eliminate the need to purchase from illegal dealers, therefore cutting the money spent on organized crime, back to local business owners.

B. The numbers of street justice related crimes over the sell of marajuana would decrease, leaving the playgrounds and parks safe for todays children again. It would eliminate the amount of illegal drug dealers on our streets.

III. The use of monitered cannabis intake has shown to be very valuable in todays medical breakthroughs. It is showing a possible cause for cancer, a decrease in suicide and stress related accidents, as well as offering a profitable asset to our community. Businesses can grow, cannabis can be monitored and taxed, and it brings the crime off the streets. Many users would say that THC has saved their lives, how can one argue with that?


http://nyln.org/19-primary-pros-and-cons-of-legalizing-weed (Links to an external site.)


Case # 2

I think that the “Ten Reasons Why Nuclear Was a Mistake – Even Before Fukushima was more convincing because in each section of the article it gave a broken down reason of why they felt that way. For example, under Nuclear Power Is Too Expensive it stated things like nuclear always being expensive and the cost of decommissioning old nuclear in the UK, which is at least f73bn. In “Going Nuclear” I really did not get a convincing feel because for one Patrick Moore was getting paid to support nuclear power which would be a great reason within itself to support “Going Nuclear”. I also feel that the article was more of opinion than facts.

Thesis Statement: Three important reasons why smoking should be banned from public places.

A. Smoking creates bad habits and smells.

1.Smokers leave ashes, matches, and cigarette butts on the ground.

2. When a person is around smoke or someone who smokes it leaves a smell in their clothes

that smells really bad.

B. Smoking is a bad influence for our young people.

1. If teenagers see young adults smoking then they may think smoking is cool and they may

try to start smoking.

2. If teenagers start to smoke because of seeing an adult then they might become addicted

to them.

C. Smoking is bad for people health.

1.Smoking causes throat and lung cancer.

2. Smoking is deadly.

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