I have choose Purchase Order Processing (SAP VS Oracle)

Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Systems

Students will compare the SAP ECC ERP 6.0 platform with a second ERP system. The analysis will befrom the point of view of an employee or consultant providing a recommendation to management for afuture ERP system acquisition. Students will review a new cloud based ERP systems from other majorvendors (Microsoft & Oracle), new enhancements with SAP S4 HANA, or open source ERP platforms.

Students will select one business area on which to focus their analysis. Using online vendordocumentation and possibly online demo systems students will compare and contrast the use of eachsystem in their selected business area. Students will prepare a paper with their analysis. more then15 page

it should have screen shot from both system

I have choose Purchase Order Processing (SAP VS Oracle)

The paper and the executive summary will be graded for content in the areas listed below. Papers will useAPA style, including citations and references. Executive summary highlighting major points of eacharea is limited to one page single spaced.

• Executive Summary (submit as separate document)• Paper structure:

o Background on project
o Business area examined
o DiscussionofSAPcapabilitiessupportingtheselectedbusinessarea
o Discussion of an alternative system’s capabilities supporting the same selected

business area
o Analysiscomparingandcontrastingthesystems
o Factors managers should consider when deciding which system should best

support a given business environment

The one-page executive summary will be shared with the class via a 5-minute presentation

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