CIS 519 – Weeks 9-10 Project

Complete the following for weeks 9-10.Please include your name, class number, and assignment number on your paper.Follow APA formatting standards, especially for citations and references.

Week 9Assignment 1: Policy DocumentDevelopment

Learning Objectives and Outcomes


In this assignment, you are to create a security management policy that addresses the management and theseparation of duties throughout the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure. You are to definewhat the information systems security responsibility is for each of the seven domains of a typicalIT infrastructure. From this definition, you must incorporate a definition for the separation of dutiesinto the Procedures section of the policy definition template that you will fill out later in this step. The company that’s the subject of this case study is Five Fourths Bank:

Using the templates in your Security Policy text (pp.185-190), create the IT policy, standard, guideline, and procedure for Five Fourths Bank regarding the use of personal devices (cell phones, tablets, home computers, etc.).All of these may be contained in a single document, but each one should start on a new page.

Please see the file for the Templates example:

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