Answer and explain the following questions:

1. What are five types of layouts built into the Android SDK framework?

a. LinearLayout, DrawableLayout, HorizontalLayout, RelativeLayout, FixedLayout

b. FrameworkLayout, FixedLayout, GridLayout, MarginalLayout, TableLayout

c. LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, FrameLayout, TableLayout, GridLayout

d. GridLayout, SpacedLayout, DrawableLayout, FrameLayout, FloatLayout

2. Which one of the following attributes is not shared by all ViewGroup subtypes?

a. layout_width

b. layout_gravity

c. layout_height

d. layout_margin

3. With what do View and ViewGroup attribute names start?

a. android:


c. view:

d. res/layout/

4. foregroundGravity is an attribute specific to which layout view?

a. FrameLayout

b. FixedLayout

c. TableLayout

d. GridLayout

5. If you set a child View to be positioned to the “North East”, which layout view are you using?

a. DirectionalLayout

b. GridLayout

c. TableLayout

d. RelativeLayout

Please explain answer breifly..

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