Please read the article that provided on PDF file than make
1- Case Analysis Report
2- Powerpoint presentation .
As following

Case Analysis Structure

Basic Structure (5%)

Case Breakdown

Problem Identification – (20%)

In addition, answer these following questions about each case based on your understanding about the case (Note, your analysis may already have answered some of these questions): (10%)

What core assets have led to the success of Jill’s Table?

How can the retailer’s core assets be translated to an eCommerce strategy?

What resources are needed to make a sustainable transition to eCommerce?

Should Jill’s Table proceed with an eCommerce strategy? Why or Why not?

Some additional thoughts and comments –

1)Harvard cases must be limited to the time period in which the case occurs. Many people want to employ solutions that might be appropriate today for a case that takes place in the early 1990’s. For example, suggesting that the company establish CRM technology and utilize big data for solutions is impractical for a case that occurred in the 1990’s. In general, the cases contain all the information needed to conduct a case analysis- you should not step beyond the scope of the case in writing your analysis.

2)You cannot read a case once and try to offer a solution.Nor are the solutions “hidden” in the case. You will have to do considerable research

3)Some cases contain an abundance of information, while others contain a dearth of information- just like real world decision situations. One of the primary goals of case analyses is to force you to make sound decisions with the information at hand. You will be graded based on the soundness of your logic and business thinking. You will not be graded on whether you the “right answer” since cases rarely have “one right answer”

4)It is expected that you will “fill in” details (i.e., make reasonable assumptions) in a case analysis as long as you are exhibiting sound business thinking. It is not acceptable to simply create details that have no basis in reality or that do not exhibit sound business judgment.

5)Be as specific as possible, especially with in the recommendation, implementation/action plan sections.

6)Another primary goal of writing case analysis is to communicate effectively and efficiently. Most senior managers do not have the time to read a poorly stated/an or poorly thought-out analysis. A 5-page analysis requires that you write succinctly and clearly. Every word counts.

Powerpoint presentation : max 14 page .

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