1.IT News Commentary Research. Identify a recent IT news item of interest (e.g., article, issue, report, or event) to serve as the focus for your IT news commentary. Your IT news item must be recent in occurrence and address an information systems (IS) related technology topic of direct relevance to course content.[1]. Conduct supporting research to synthesize a sound understanding of the selected news item and IT topic(s) to which it relates. Supporting research may be conducted using print, media, and/or online sources. Note: Research must include a minimum of 3 distinct outside sources.

2.IT News Commentary Write-Up. Prepare a concise write-up (1-2 pages including written responses, illustrations, references). Your write-up must include:

a.The title and original source of the IT news item.

b.An explanation of the IT topics(s) (e.g., background/concepts/technologies) to which the IT news item relates (1 paragraph)

c.An explanation of the key point(s) of the IT news item (1 paragraph).

d.A commentary on the relevance of the IT news item to course content[2] and the value of the knowledge you acquired while completing this assignment[3] (1 paragraph).

e.A reference section containing a minimum of 3 distinct outside sources (e.g., articles, news reports, websites) used to support your IT news commentary.[4]

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