The questions must be answered in APA format with a 100 word minimum for each using the uploaded book or other references as needed. Please cite each answer.

The reference is:

Daempfle, P. (2016). Essential biology: An applied approach. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.

  1. Describe the rabies experiment of Louis Pasteur discussed in the story.Research how Pasteur’s injections cured Andre.How do rabies immunizations work today?
  2. Name three characteristics of viruses.Are viruses living or nonliving?Defend your answer.
  3. List the three groups of archaebacteria. How are they different from bacteria?Which would most likely be found in a hot liquid with a pH of 3? Why?
  4. Describe four pieces of evidence used to support the theory of evolution (7.6)
  5. Explain the process by which moth species declined in England in the past decades? How did some species of moths increase at the same time? (7.1; 7.3)
  6. Name the type of speciation that results when a species cannot mate due to a change in their use of a habitat.Explain how it results in speciation.

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