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The Human Resources department plays a very crucial role within an organization in the sense that the HR department help in managing people in a manner that is in line with the goals and objectives of the organization (Wright & Kehoe, 2008). It is the people that undertake the most essential aspects of the organization and through HR policies the human resources can be effectively managed thereby ensuring that the important activities of the organization are effectively performed. Human Resources ensures that there is effective and efficient development of human capital within the organization as well it broadens the organizational wide view of the employees as assets to organization and not as costs to the organization (Wright & Kehoe, 2008). In this case the Human Resources team provides strategic management of people as business resources. This encompasses recruiting and hiring of employees, evaluating employee training and development needs as well as ensuring that better employee compensation and other benefits packages are in line with the current and future demand of the employees. In order to realize this strategy, effective HR policies, programs and procedures must be put in place to guarantee this goal.

Starbucks is one the companies with efficient Human Resource Management Programs, the company have one of the best human resources strategies tied upon logistic planning as well as effective management (Starbucks, 2016). The company is founded on the idea that development of human capital is the key to success within the dynamic and challenging business world. Unlike other companies, Starbucks considers its employees as partners rather than employees and its Human Resources are through the company’s Partner Resources Department (Starbucks, 2016). The Partner Resources Department ensures that the policies such as employee training and development, employee compensation plan as well as employee fringe benefits are made available to all employees within the company. The Partner Resource Department of Starbucks ensures that every employee herein called partner is made happy and has a sense of being part of the organization. In a nutshell Starbucks has well established human resource strategy and policies and management system that have resulted to high organizational effectiveness.

Despite Starbucks being known as the global leader in terms of effective human resources management and strategy, the company needs to improve on some aspects such as training of employees (Wright & Kehoe, 2008). Instead of giving a general training for the employees, the company Human Resources Team should focus on the individual needs of its employees to help development efficient Resources base of the company. This will eventually result to a strong and effective organization focused on goal achievement and satisfaction of the customer needs.


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